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Rocketbook Mult-Subject

Rocketbook Mult-Subject

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About this item

  • No more wasting paper - the reusable Rocketbook Multi-Subject Notebook can be used endlessly by wiping clean with a damp cloth. 
  • 70 lined pages and 4 detachable dividers allow for multiple subjects to be divided any way you choose. 
  • Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to our specialized pages - just wipe clean with a damp cloth to start over.
  • Use the free Rocketbook app to blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more using the free Rocketbook application for iOS and Android.
  • Includes one 70-page Multi-Subject Notebook, 4 Detachable Dividers, 1 Pilot Frixion Pen, and 1 Microfiber Cloth.

Packed with more pages than any other Rocketbook tool, the Multi Subject Notebook ensures you’ll never run out of paper again. The adjustable dividers make it easy to create up to 5 sections of any size (that’s why we called it multi subject, and not 3 subject or 5 subject). Label, remove, and rearrange the sections for customized organization or throw them all out and enjoy just a big fat notebook full of erasable pages. Oh yea, the pages are erasable. Reuse them endlessly, and then scan them with our app to save your handwriting online. Accomplish more with your new all-in-one notetaking solution.

8.5 in x 11 in / 70 lined pages

  • Erasable pages for endless reuse
  • Includes 1 Pilot FriXion pen and 1 microfiber towel for easy writing and erasing
  • 4 Adjustable dividers to create 1-5 sections
  • 5+ Smart Features on every page for easy digitization (with the free Rocketbook App)
  • The more the merrier.That’s why we packed the Multi Subject notebook with 70 pages (that’s almost double the pages of a Rocketbook Core). With that many pages you could take notes for every class, or every meeting, or every moment of every day and never run out of space…but if you do, just erase the pages with water and start over.