Do I need a Rocketbook notebook to use the Rocketbook app?

The Rocketbook app is free to download and use on iOS and Android. The app does not work with your standard sheets of paper. Nevertheless, you can try using the app with PDFs that we provide for free.

Is Rocketbook patent protected?

Yes, we have numerous patents pending on the app technology and the physical book.


What is your privacy policy?

Rocketbook does not store any of your notes on our own servers. Your notes are either on your own device OR the cloud service you have sent your notes to. The only exception is when you send via email, as we pass the image file and meta data through a cloud service called Mandrill, which assembles the email. But even there, notes are not stored as they just pass through.

Connections to cloud services are dictated by those services APIs and they all use SSL encryption.

Please click here to read our privacy policy.



Where do you ship?

Rocketbook only ships to South Africa.

What is your return policy?

Unopened and unused products can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Please email info@getrocketbook.co.za for more information.




What cloud services does Rocketbook support?

We currently support Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud, OneNote, Slack, and email.

Does the app sync across devices?

The app currently does not sync across devices. If you'd like to use multiple devices, you'll need to set up your connections on each device.

Can I use the app to scan non-Rocketbook pages?

Unfortunately, the app cannot scan non-Rocketbook pages. We set up the pages to allow the machine vision to quickly pick up the page.

What file formats for scans does the app support?

We support PNG and PDF files.

The app is taking up too much space. What can I do?

Once you've uploaded your scans to your desired cloud destination, you can delete your scans in History. You can either delete selected scans or delete all.

Can I configure the app to only send files when connected on wifi?

We currently don't have this feature, but are looking to add it in future app updates.

Does the app recognize handwriting and/or transcribe them into text?

The app currently does not offer these features. However, some of the cloud services offer the ability to search handwritten text.

Why do I need to sign up for an account to use the app?

To use the Rocketbook, we ask you to sign up for account for two reasons:

  1. The email address you use to sign up with for the app is used as the default destination.
  2. Should you encounter an issue with setting up the app or sending a file to a cloud destination, we can help troubleshoot the situation by looking up your email address.

Please note that we do honor your privacy and do not share or sell your information to any 3rd parties. We also do not store or see any of the content on your pages.


How do I change my email address?

Currently, you cannot change your email address within the app. You have to uninstall the app, reinstall it, and then sign up with your desired email address. We are currently addressing this issue to make it easier to edit your email address within the app.

How do I change/reset my password?

Currently, you cannot change or reset your password within the app. To do so, uninstall the app, reinstall it, and then tap "Reset Password" on the log in screen. You will receive an email shortly thereafter asking you to input your new password.

How do I set up or change a destination?

On the Icon Destinations screen, tap the symbol you'd like to connect. On the next screen, tap any of the cloud services you'd like to connect to and follow the proceeding authorization process. Be sure to save your settings.

The default scan file format is PNG. How do I change it to PDF?

Under the Configure Destination screen for each symbol, turn on "Send as PDF."

What is "Bundle Notes" and how do I turn that on?

Bundle notes refers to the ability to package scans together into one file. You can configure that for each symbol under Configure Destination by turning on "Bundle Notes."

Please note that bundling only works if the following criteria are met:

  • Send as PDF is ON
  • Auto-send is OFF
  • The scanned pages are adjacent to each other and have the same symbol marked. For example, you can bundle pages 1 to 5 with the Diamond symbol marked.

What is Auto-send and how do I set that up?

Auto-send allows you to more seamlessly send your scans to your desired destinations. You do not need to tap the green checkmark to send your scans.

You can turn that on under Configure Destination for each symbol.

Please note that Auto-send only works if Bundle Notes is OFF.

What are Zip Notes (for email only)?

A "zip note" is a computer file whose contents of one or more files that are compressed for storage or transmission. You can turn this setting on by going to Destination --> Change Destination --> Select the Email Icon --> Toggle "Zip Notes" on.

It's a setting that may help if you are bundling many scans together and simply want to archive them. Otherwise, it is not a setting that is necessary.

You can learn more about zip files here.

Do you plan to add more cloud services and integrations?

In a nutshell, yes! We'd love to and we have a list of them that we will be adding. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send us a note at hello@getrocketbook.com.


How can I ensure a high quality scan?

To get a high quality scan, we suggest the following:

  • Take the scan in a well-lit area
  • Position the camera above the page as much as possible (be careful to avoid shadows that your phone may cause by blocking the light above)
  • Ensure that the entire page (including the black border) is in the camera scan screen. The camera will not pick up the page if the entire page is not within the screen.

Can I scan a page in landscape mode?

We currently do not offer that ability, but are looking at ways to better capture landscape pages.

Can I rename file names?

You can rename each file immediately after scanning. However, please note that you cannot rename the file name if Auto-send is turned ON.

I'm seeing these discolored spots on my scans, what's up with that?

(Just to clarify, these are not the dots from the dot-grid pattern on the page.)


If you're seeing large discolored spots (most of the time, it has the shape of your phone), then that's caused by the shadow of an object (most of the time, it's the phone). When scanning, we suggest making sure that there aren't any shadows on the page. You can try turning on the camera flash to improve the lighting.

Can I increase the resolution (or quality) of my scan?

For iOS devices, we currently do not have the option to increase the image resolution. That being said, the default resolution is pretty good and the quality of scan will be good if scanned in the right environment.

For Android devices, you can increase the image resolution. We default to the lowest resolution in order to accommodate the wide variety of Android devices (some Android devices do not support higher resolutions). To increase your resolution, go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Resolution.


Can I rotate my scanned pages?

We currently do not offer that ability, but are looking to add that ability in the future.

Can I replace previous scans with updated scans of the same page?

We do not replace previous scans, so you will end up with variations of the same page. However, you can delete your older versions.

Can I edit or annotate my scans?

We currently do not offer that ability, but are looking at ways to do so in the future.


When I send a scan to my email, I see "notes@getrocketbook.com" as the sender. What is that?

We use the notes@getrocketbook.com only as a sender address, which needs to be in our domain so that we can authenticate it. We can't send emails on your behalf (with your email address) without authenticating, as it would be spoofing your email address. We also cannot reach your inbox.

That being said, we wanted to clarify that we don't store or use any of your data. A sender address is needed to ensure that you will receive your notes.

Another option you can use is to send your notes by using the "Share" option in the Scan Details Screen (the screen after you tap on a the scan thumbnail). This will open the native mail client app on your device (in which you are already authenticated such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and you will be able to send the notes using your email address as the sender.

If you have any other question or doubt please feel free to contact us at hello@getrocketbook.com.


The app is not picking up the page.

Please ensure that the entire page (including the black border) is inside the camera screen and hold steady. In addition, position the page above the page, instead of at an angle, to better capture the image.

If you're in a poorly lighted environment, we suggest turning on your camera flash.

If all these conditions are met, the app will quickly pick up the image automatically. There is no need to press a button.

I sent my scans to my email address, but I don't see them in my inbox.

There are several reasons that this may occur. Before you reach out to us, try the following steps:

  1. After you've scanned the page, did you tap the green checkmark at the bottom right of the screen?
  2. Check your spam folder
  3. Make sure that you sent the scan over a solid WiFi or cellular network connection.

Please note that there may be situations when emails take a little bit of time to show up in your inbox. This typically occurs if the email server is overloaded.


If you are sending scans to a corporate/business email account, please note that your corporate network settings may be blocking emails delivered by the email server we're using. If you do not see emails showing up in your corporate/business email accounts, please contact your IT or Network Administrator and ask them to whitelist the email service provider we use, Mandrill.


If you believe that none of the aforementioned issues affect your situation, please contact hello@getrocketbook.com.

My scans are not showing up in my cloud destinations.

Your scanned images may not show up in your desired cloud destinations for various reasons. Here are some things to consider.

  • Did you remember to mark a symbol on your notebook page?
  • After scanning, did you tap the green checkmark to send the page? (If Auto-send is turned on for that particular destination, you do not need to tap the green checkmark.)
  • Do you have a solid connection to WiFi and/or cellular service? Poor or no connection will prevent your notes from sending. Sometimes, scans may not show up immediately.
  • For email, did you check your Spam folder?
  • In corporate settings, firewalls may be exist, which could block the transmission of your notes to your desired destinations. Please talk to your IT department to address that issue.

If you're still having trouble seeing your scans after all this, please contact hello@getrocketbook.com.

My scans sent to iCloud are not syncing across my iPhone, iCloud.com, and Mac devices.

Apple is a little more restrictive with connections to external services. They require us to create a private area inside iCloud. We create "Rocketbook" and all of your scans can go in to that folder or any subfolder you create there. Apple doesn't let us access the rest of iCloud file system.

To send your scanned pages to subfolders in iCloud: First, you'll need to create the subfolders in iCloud --> Rocketbook. Then you can connect a Rocketbook icon to the desired subfolder within the Rocketbook folder.

If you're having trouble syncing iCloud across devices, please try the following (must follow the sequence):

  1. Sign out/sign back into iCloud Drive on the iOS device first
  2. Then sign out/sign back into iCloud Drive on macOS

That has been shown to give iCloud the kick it needs to sync across devices.


To log out of iCloud on your iPhone, go to Settings --> iCloud --> Sign Out.

My scans are going to the wrong destination.

When scanning, there are times when there is a light directly over your phone and notebook. This may cast a phone shadow on the notebook over the symbol area. This may cause the camera to think that extraneous symbols have been marked. We suggest finding an environment that minimizes shadows on the page.

In addition, there may be times when the ink is not completely erased from an unselected mark. Please be sure to erase that marking completely.

I'm having trouble setting up OneNote (Personal and 365) and/or my scans are not showing up in OneNote.

We updated the OneNote for iOS and Android in January 2017. If you're having trouble with the OneNote connection, it's likely because the connection between the Rocketbook app and OneNote needs to be updated. To do so, please do the following:

  1. Go to Icon Destination and select the symbol affiliated with OneNote
  2. On the Configure Destination screen, tap the OneNote symbol
  3. On iOS -- tap "Switch Account" and "Remove All Accounts." On Android -- tap the top right corner and remove all accounts.
  4. Re-login with your OneNote credentials to set up the connection

If you're having difficulty connecting to OneNote 365, please ask your IT admin to grant access to Rocketbook, so that it can connect to your notebooks. You can learn more about granting access/permissions here:

If you're still having trouble after this, please contact hello@getrocketbook.com.


My scans aren't going to Dropbox.

If your scans aren't going through Dropbox (and you have solid wifi/cellular connection), you may need to re-authorize the connection. To do so, try these steps:



  1. Go to Destinations --> tap a symbol connected to Dropbox
  2. On Configure Destination screen, tap the Dropbox icon under Change Destinations
  3. Tap Switch Account (silhouette icon at the top right)
  4. On the Dropbox screen -- tap Allow
  5. Reconnect the symbol to the desired Dropbox folder
  6. Try sending to Dropbox again and see if it works


  1. Go to Destinations --> tap a symbol connected to Dropbox
  2. On Configure Destination screen, tap the Dropbox icon under Change Destinations
  3. Tap Switch Account
  4. On the Dropbox screen -- tap Allow
  5. Reconnect the symbol to the desired Dropbox folder (it may take a moment to load your folders)
  6. Try sending to Dropbox again and see if it works

If you're still having issues, you can send a note to hello@getrocketbook.com.

I can't sign up for or sign in to the app.

If you're having trouble signing up, please make sure you have a valid email address.

If you're having trouble signing in, please make sure you input the correct email address. Watch out for extra spaces and typos like ".con" instead of ".com". If you forgot your password, you can reset your password on the Sign In screen.